Self-Control Meets Healthy Habits

Last month I opened up about my insecurities with my postpartum body. Due to my fast metabolism, I have never had to live a healthy lifestyle… I was just thin. Well, for some women (me!), when you have a baby, you lose that incredible metabolism you took for granted your whole life and now you have to rethink e v e r y t h i n g.

I have taken baby steps at getting myself back on track to the body I will feel comfortable in, but it hasn’t helped that much. My confidence is still low, my insecurity is still high, and my anxiety is still getting the best of me. After a few pretty bad breakdowns and meeting a harsh reality, I decided enough is enough. I can’t keep living the way I was living pre-baby and expect my body to just go back to normal. So I made the choice to rethink how I live, what I eat, when I eat, how I spend my day, etc.

During my pregnancy, I gained 37 pounds. I am about 15/20 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight + some extra flab here and there from skin stretching. I don’t have a goal of when I want to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight – because let’s be real, I wanted my body back two months ago – so instead of setting a date, I am just going to create healthy habits that I stick to. I am not implementing anything too drastic, but I do want to challenge myself to make an actual change and that will definitely take some self-control.

My New Healthy Habits:
  • Eating three meals + two snacks every day
  • Not eating after 9pm
  • Giving up soda – RIP Dr Pepper
  • Not eating fast food
  • Not eating junk food
  • Going on a 1.5 mile walk four days a week (working up to every day)
  • Drinking at least three bottles of water a day

I started implementing these new soon-to-be habits this morning. I weighed myself as soon as I woke up to give myself a solid baseline. The goal is to not weigh myself until the first of August. I want to give myself a month of sticking to these new healthy lifestyle changes before I check. Not constantly checking my weight will also help me remember that feeling confident and living healthy doesn’t just have to do with pounds, but with overall look and feel!

Do you have any healthy habits or routines that help you feel confident or lose weight?

11 thoughts on “Self-Control Meets Healthy Habits”

  1. This is awesome! I also had a pretty good metabolism until a couple of years ago when I started taking a medication that made me gain weight quickly and left me really puffy and groggy. I’ve been working to lose weight in a healthy way. I know it’s hard to see yourself not looking the way you used to but you are such a strong woman. You’ve got this! 🙂

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  2. Omg I am the worst for sticking to a new eating plan. I have been eating like crap for a few months and I am right there with you trying to get a new system in place. I have a new summer job starting today which I think will help control my sitting at home and eating whenever and whatever I want. And healthy me does the shopping, but then snacky me hates what we have at home lol It’s a struggle!! Best of luck sticking with it!

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    1. Girl I feel ya! I will say that working from home definitely doesn’t help me get up and go and be active – when I’m at the office, I drink way more water and take lots of walks, but at home I just sit in front of my tv all day.
      I tried incorporating protein shakes into my breakfast routine and omg they are so gross which definitely put a wrench in my plans for day one haha
      Maybe we should swap healthy recipes we like?

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      1. Right now I’m trying smoothies! Not protein ones though lol just plain yogurt, frozen fruit, and milk. For my summer job I have to get up at like 6 and I can’t eat that early so I just make a smoothie and take it on the subway with me. Super tasty!

        My go to “healthy food” is spaghetti squash – it’s amazing and I love it!!

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      2. They are pretty yummy! And the ones I make are so simple:
        1/2 cup yogurt
        1/2 a banana
        1 cup-ish of frozen fruit
        1 cup milk

        I don’t have a regular blender, just a mini chopper, so I have made up containers of everything but the milk in advance and keep them in my freezer, and I put one in the fridge the night before. Then in the morning I put it and about 1/4 of the milk into the little chopper (that’s all that will fit) and blend it out and then pour it into my travel cup and add the rest of the milk. They are super tasty!

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      3. I’ve been drinking them all week and they are pretty tasty! And filling too! Gets me through until lunch time 😊 I’ll have a granola bar around 10:30 but that’s it. Today I wasn’t even hungry when my class ended at 12:20, but I nursed that smoothie until like 12 haha

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