Parenting Isn’t Just For Moms

For me, one of the hardest things about being a mom is co-parenting. Obviously, I want my husband to have a fantastic relationship with our daughter, but sharing the time and responsibilities was more difficult than I anticipated. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time babysitting and grew up with a lot of small children around me, so I knew what to do with a baby… but I wasn’t as confident in my husband in the beginning, because he did not have the same experience as me.

I struggled to give him alone time with her. I wrestled with allowing him to do things wrong or the hard way; many times I stepped in to offer my advice or guidance only to met with frustration from his end, because he wanted to see that I had faith in him and trusted his judgement. I was am guilty of jumping in and taking over when she is being fussy just because I know how to fix it instead of letting him figure it out.

Little by little, I have worked on giving my husband leeway and showing him patience when it comes to figuring out his way of parenting. Through this, I have seen him grow so so much and seen his confidence build! Five months in and we are just now starting to work as a team view each other as partners in this adventure which has helped our family dynamic in an incredible way and it makes me very excited about what our future holds.


Today, my husband and daughter had a day all to themselves. He took the lead and got up early, got her up, changed her diaper, and fed her all before I even woke up. He had a few things to do at work, so instead of finding a babysitter, he just took her with him. Sent me updates throughout the day of things they had accomplished and how well she was doing. It made me so happy to see him take responsibility and feel so confident and happy spending the day with her. It made my day realizing what a great dad he is and how he really does know what to do.

When I stopped by the coffee shop to pick her up, he was working in the back and she was right there next to him asleep in her carseat. Precious! I got us home and noticed that he had washed the bottles and packed her diaper bag and it was just a real eye-opening moment that I really do have a partner in this and that I don’t have to figure out this parenting thing on my own. ❤

5 thoughts on “Parenting Isn’t Just For Moms”

  1. That must’ve been such a good moment for you!! I feel like whenever you start to share your life with someone, there are always things you feel like you’ll never trust your partner to do (my boyfriend’s not allowed to touch the laundry) but when you do open up the trust, it makes life so much easier!

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    1. It really was! And so so so true! I prefer for my husband not to touch the laundry either LOL I’m a little psycho in how I separate everything out. And he doesn’t load the dishwasher right haha but pick your battles, right?

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    1. OF COURSE! It’s scary at first, but you just have to give them space to grow and learn without being overbearing. I’m still working on it, but what I’ve seen gives me hope for everyone! ❤

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