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4 Things To Do on a Quick Stop in Nashville, TN

yes, my child does have a pizza teether!

This year’s Grey Family Epic Road Trip was much more similar to the original road trip that started it all –> traveling to West Virginia to meet family. But this year instead of me meeting the family, it was Hazel meeting the family. We traveled with four adults and one baby on the ride there and four adults, one baby, and one kitten on the way home. Long story! Since we were traveling with my in-laws, I didn’t get to travel exactly the way I wanted – translated: no stops. However, I did put my foot down and claim “my car, my rules” for a stop in Nashville.

Now that you have some back story, you will understand why the pictures are so haphazard and rushed. So here are four things you can do if you have at least two hours in Nashville.

Night Train Pizza

It is tradition that Jeremiah and I eat pizza as often as we can on our road trips, so it was only fitting that we grab a pie on our only stop of this trip. Night Train Pizza was open late, so that is the reason we picked it, but don’t let that fool you – the pizza was absolutely delicious!! The service was good, the place was busy enough, the table was clean, and they offered gluten free options for my sister-in-law.



I Believe in Nashville Mural

The ‘I Believe in Nashville’ mural is probably the most iconic mural in Nashville, so naturally I had to get my photo taken with it. Now if I had my way, this picture wouldn’t have been taken in the dark, but we did the best we could with the little light we had and our photographer…

Falcon Coffee Bar

Per our other road trip tradition, I pick the destinations and Jeremiah gets to drink his weight in coffee. We didn’t plan this trip as well, so it was super late and a Sunday when we drove through, so Jeremiah had slim pickens – aka. one shop to choose from. But it gave him his caffeine fix and served craft coffee, so he was a happy camper the rest of the evening. [No picture, because I was in the car with the baby and Jeremiah doesn’t think to do that kind of stuff…]

Parthenon Replica

For any who don’t know, there is a replica of the Parthenon that is found in Greece. It’s pretty cool – or at least I have heard it is and it was from the distance I saw it. Sadly, it was pitch black outside when Jeremiah and I finally got to the right side of the pond to see it. Our tripod broke, so we had to selfie… we will be back someday to see it up close and personal!

So regardless of whether you have two days or two hours to spend in Nashville, you can make it worth your while! Not going to lie, I was bummed to only get a couple of hours, but the laughs and experiences were worth it!