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One Week in Reese, Michigan

I know this is a super late post, but I wanted to share the few pictures I have from Jeremiah and my most recent trip to Michigan.


On our first day, we stopped into Ypsilanti, Michigan [a city where Jeremiah lived for a time]. His family had heard they had been doing some renovations on their downtown strip, so we cruised through to check it out. We were all pretty hungry from the drive, so we stopped into the Sidetrack Bar & Grill for a bite to eat and good conversation. After our lunch, we walked a bit down Cross Street and Jeremiah found a cute coffee shop to check out. Cream & Crumb was a delight to visit with bright walls, yummy desserts, and warm workers. Although I spent most of the afternoon shivering, Ypsilanti downtown was a nice and quaint area to stroll.

Our trip was a mini winter vacation + late Christmas with Jeremiah’s family, so it was an absolute must that was bake the infamous Grey Christmas sugar cookies. On one of the following days, we slept in and woke up to batter that needed to be shaped and decorated… and of course creating adorable Santa beards from flour.

One of the highlights of our trip is getting to see Maggie, Jeremiah’s parents goldendoodle. She is an absolute hoot to spend time with. This dog is always going 90 miles an hour with uncontrollable joy. She makes me laugh so hard and keeps me warm while I can’t have Winnie with me. Hopefully the two of them can meet someday.


It’s not a secret that I am not a fan of the snow or cold or winter in general, but I’ll take a walk outside if my sweet husband asks me to. Jeremiah lives for winter and living in Texas, he doesn’t really get to experience it anymore, so he relishes the amount of time he gets to spend outside when we visit Michigan. So one of our last days in Reese, Jeremiah, his mom, Maggie, and I all set on an adventure down the street to see their little village. It is a very pretty village all covered in snow. I got to see gorgeous homes, a snow-covered pond that hadn’t been touched by feet yet, and so many Christmas trees. It was well worth not being able to feel my toes.

Let’s Go Red Wings! One of the first things I ever learned about Jeremiah was that he loved hockey and his team was the Detroit Red Wings. Their new arena was finally finished, so we joked about going to see a game, and then we were like wait, why not? We looked up the schedule and picked a week where we could see a game. Little Caesars Arena was huge and very pristine. Lots of red and lots of pizza! It was really cool getting to go to an actual Red Wings game!

I’m disappointed I didn’t take more pictures, but let’s face it, I was under a couple blankets 85% of the time. Next time I am getting a group picture for sure! Oh and if you can’t tell… we like penguins and the Red Wings.

Have you ever been to Michigan? What part do you visit? 


Love Always,