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Bump Update: 32 Weeks

I’m so close, yet it feels so far! At 32 weeks, I am in the third trimester and just beginning my eighth month of pregnancy. Only eight weeks to go and it can’t come fast enough.

Jameson is as big as a cantaloupe – a very long and heavy cantaloupe. 😀 He is measuring roughly 17 inches long and weighing 5 pounds. I swear he is huge! I feel him constantly – always poking his butt or feet against something.

The symptoms have been coming in hot the past few weeks. I am pretty much always uncomfortable. Hip and pelvic pain when I sit or lay down, so standing is the most pleasant, except for when my feet start to hurt. It makes sleeping extremely difficult. Still some heartburn and a little bit of swelling in the feet. Finally starting to want him out.

We had a wonderful shower and have basically everything we need for baby boy. His room is complete and I cannot wait to share it with y’all. I’ve gotten my TDAP shot and now it’s just a waiting game!


A Shower Celebrating Our New Muggle to Snuggle

This past weekend, Jeremiah and I had our shower celebrating our precious Jameson Taylor. It was so low-key and fun! I am so thankful to everyone who was a part of making the shower so special.


A Little Muggle is on the Way!

I have always been a big fan of Harry Potter. I got really into it while visiting family when I was in fourth grade. Reading the books and then enjoying the movies. It’s something I want to share with my kids, so this theme is really fun and special to me.


The Harry Potter theme was really up my diagon alley. I loved how simple the decor was. Honestly, the decorations were so vintage and sustainable… I think the hosts might have only bought one or two items.

Being a HP fan, I already had the books and onesies. The letter board and ultrasound picture were already decor in my house. My mom wrapped old boxes in butcher paper for the parcels. The red curtains were already in my kitchen, so really only the banner was new.

I truly loved how straightforward it all was. Nothing over the top, but precious and cute none-the-less!


Okay, the snack spread was hella good! Let’s start with the speciality Harry Potter themed cookies – I normally don’t eat cookies, but I gave these a shot and wooooooow – not to mention so stinking adorable! My cousin made howlers to go with the theme and they were too funny and cute. The butterbeer was a quirky touch as well!

For the Food:

  • speciality cookies
  • chocolate pretzel sticks
  • popcorn
  • “howler” pastries
  • muffins
  • fruit tray
  • veggie tray
  • cheese and cracker tray

For the Drinks:

  • butterbeer
  • soda
  • water

Games & Activities

In my opinion stuff to do at showers is hit or miss and depends on the crowd, but I think these just right!

  • sign Jameson’s first Harry Potter book
  • late night diapers
  • how big is mom’s belly
  • free dobby – guess how many socks in the jar
  • mom or dad

The activity of signing Jameson’s first Harry Potter book is really special for me, because the first Harry Potter book I received has special meaning to me. On the previously mentioned trip visiting family, I was so bored. We were staying with my PaPaw and I just picked up the first HP book off his shelf. I started it and couldn’t it put it down. I took it with me everywhere we went. I had finished it by the end of the week, so he let me take the second book with me on the drive home – I had it finished in twelve hours. At the time only 4 HP books were written, so he mailed me all the ones he had. From then on, every time a new Harry Potter book would come out, he would mail it to me. It was something I loved and always looked forward to. I don’t know if reading will be important to Jameson, but if it is, I hope this activity will kickstart a special memory of this book series for him like the one I have.

The mom and dad game was basically just a list of questions where people had to guess whether it was the mom or dad. This game turned out to be a lot of fun as people argued about whether they could choose both, read the question wrong, or even add in my mom as a choice. My childhood friend got all but one question right!

A classic shower game is the how big is mom’s belly and it’s truly one of my favorites! It cracks me up that both times a guy has won. Sometimes people go crazy long and it just makes you wonder. 😀


In the wake of the pandemic, I wasn’t sure how people would feel about coming together for a party. I was actually against the idea of a shower, but my mom really wanted me to have one, so she and my cousin set out to make it happen. I am so grateful for the friends and family who came out to support us and encourage us in our growing family! I love each and every one of you so dearly. ❤

A huge thank you to my amazing mom and sweet cousin who planned and prepared this shower for us. It’s no easy feat, but we had a wonderful time and felt 100% showered with love.

Bump Updates, Jameson, Pregnancy

Bump Update: 28 Weeks

Hello third trimester! At 28 weeks pregnant, I am in my seventh month and just entering the third trimester. It’s officially the beginning of the end with only twelve weeks to go!

Jameson is about as big as a head of lettuce. Measuring approximately 15 inches long and weighing 2.25 pounds. I know he’s growing like crazy, but I feel like my belly doubled in size the past week and he is basically taking up all the space in there.

Normally I have pretty positive things to report as far as symptoms go, but this time not so much. As excited as I am to be nearing the finish line and meeting our new little babe, I have not felt so good the past couple of weeks. Lots of sciatica pain in my lower back and butt – like tears and limping kind of pain. I think Jameson is moving lower, because the peeing has taken on a life of its own; sometimes I feel like I live in the bathroom. I’ve also finally had a craving – all the tortilla chips – I even bought some and hid them from my husband. 😀 On top of all that just major exhaustion and sleepless nights.

On a more happy note, his room is almost completely done! The walls are painted. All the furniture has been bought and built. He has a closet full of clothes, shelves full of books, and a crib full of stuffed animals. All I’m working on now is wall decor and gathering a few more essential items. I cannot wait to share with you the final product!

So happy to say that my glucose test results came back and I do not have gestational diabetes. Yay! We will be getting our TDAP shot this week. Then just on to waiting to meet our little boy.


When You’re Nine Months Pregnant…

Pregnancy is hard. The third trimester is harder. And the ninth month is the hardest!

I’m currently in my ninth month of pregnancy – fortieth week to be exact. The anticipation of going into labor is ridiculously frustrating. I question if every strange movement is a contraction, but so far none of them have been painful or reoccurring. I tell my baby that today is a great day to be born and exclaim how badly we want to meet her, but so far she is content staying put.

During your last couple of weeks of pregnancy, you start to really feel pregnant – if you haven’t already. I started sleeping less and less, my feet, hands, and face started to swell, my pelvis and hips felt like they were falling apart, I had to pee every half hour, and my emotions started going haywire. I am well aware that I am a mess and don’t need anyone reminding me of that or bugging me about labor or baby stuff, but people are going to do it anyway.

Here are my “favorite” things that often occur during the ninth month of pregnancy:

How Are You Feeling?

Every. Single. Person. is going to ask you how you are feeling… as if it isn’t obvious or if they haven’t been there before. It amazes me that moms will ask moms-to-be how they are doing a week before their due date. C’mon people, use your common sense! Obviously, I am exhausted, achy, tired, emotional, and ready for this baby to be out. Don’t ask me how I’m feeling unless you really want to hear me drone on and on about how much being nine months pregnant sucks, because it sucks.

I’m So Excited To Meet Your Baby!

Lots of friends and family and general acquaintances will exclaim how much they can’t wait to meet your baby. I know they are saying this to be sweet and kind and most are genuine, but I never know how to reply. I typically go with, “Oh I know, I can’t wait either.” But really I’m saying is, “I’m WAYYYY more excited than you, but thanks.”

Walking Your Baby Out

By thirty-eight/thirty-nine weeks, you are generally ready for this baby to come out. You’ve had enough of the feeling like crap, the nursery is done, the bags are packed, and now all you’re doing is waiting… and waiting… and waiting. One thing you will inevitably start to do is walk. And walk a lot. Walking can help induce labor naturally by utilizing gravity and by the swaying of your hips. I went on five walks on Monday alone.

You’ve Gained That Much!?

People will ask you how much weight you’ve gained. In the beginning, I didn’t mind sharing and I still don’t mind necessarily, but the reactions I get are so across the board that I’m starting to want to keep the number to myself. I’m not ashamed, but I am a bit self-conscious about it. Just this past weekend, I was asked how much I’d gained and I said forty pounds and the reaction I got was this person gasping and repeating “forty pounds” in a long, drawn out, breathy reply. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed they didn’t mean anything by it, but seriously… I’m carrying a living human being in my abdomen that has to eat and grow just as I have to eat and grow. If you’re going to ask the question, you have to be able to respectfully handle the answer.

Good Luck With Your Baby Coming On-Time

This one is probably the most irritating. As a pregnant woman who sees a midwife on a regular basis, has successfully completed a pregnancy/birthing class, and has read approximately three pregnancy/birth books, I would appreciate you giving me the courtesy of assuming I know a little something about this process. Knowing when a baby will be born is not an exact science – technically a baby can come (healthy) as early as thirty-eight weeks and as late as forty-two weeks. So as ready as I am for this baby to be born, I have been telling friends and family that we are crossing our fingers she comes any day now and I’ll tell people that I don’t see all the time that hopefully I’ll have good news for them this week. Many have replied very rudely or in a joking manner that I’m silly for thinking my baby will come early or on-time… and look at me as if I’m an unprepared idiot. Thanks, but no thanks for that inconsiderate and unwanted comment. There is nothing wrong with hoping that your baby comes early or on-time.

So if you have any friends that are pregnant, take it from my personal experience, and refrain from asking the annoying questions or reacting in an inconsiderate way on certain topics. Just be encouraging, keep your unsolicited advice to yourself, and/or talk to her about something besides the pregnancy. Trust me, she will thank you!!

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Maternity Photoshoot // Richardson, TX

Today was our baby’s estimated arrival date… so naturally she hasn’t arrived yet.

But in honor of reaching forty weeks and officially being nine months pregnant, I thought I would share some of my favorite shots from our maternity photoshoot.

Our sweet friend Hannah is a photographer. She captured our pregnancy reveal so perfectly (I was going to link to those pictures, but just realized I never made a post for them 😦 ), so we knew she would be the perfect choice for capturing our maternity pictures as well.

I always just come to her with a loose concept, a Pinterest board, and sometimes a location and she never fails to make it work perfectly! This time around we hit a snag in the location. I originally wanted the back drop to be this park at Grapevine Lake, but turns out they make you pay to take pictures at a public lake, so we opted for this cute waterfall park instead – which I think turned out even better than the other location would have.

Basically, I wanted to feel like a fairy goddess of nature and womanhood. I loved the waterfall backdrop, the sunny sky, my flowing dress, my adorable bump, and of course my handsome husband/baby daddy! I think the pictures captured my vision perfectly… and I can’t thank Hannah enough for capturing these special moments so wonderfully!

… and now all that’s left to do is wait.


// Dress: Pink Blush Maternity

// Baby Shoes: H&M

// Felt Board: Five Below

// Location: Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, TX

// Photographer: Hannah Jewel Photo