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Anniversary Photoshoot // Portland, OR

August 5, 2018 marked Jeremiah and my one year wedding anniversary. It still blows my mind that it has already been a year, but at the same time blows my mind that it has only been a year! We weren’t really planning on doing anything super special to celebrate, but a really cool opportunity presented itself that we just couldn’t pass up.

One day at work, Jeremiah was telling his co-worker about our road trip plans and how we were going to be visiting Portland at the end of July. As it turned out, his co-worker’s sister was a photographer who was also going to be in Portland for those same dates. Long story short, she offered to do a session for us while in Portland! We couldn’t believe our luck… what a cool way to remember both our first anniversary and our trip!

All of the photographs in this post are courtesy of Maggie of MaggShots Photography. If you didn’t know, Jeremiah and I are super awkward when having our pictures taken. We need a lot of direction to look cute and natural in a picture. Maggie was so wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her for your wedding or portrait photography needs! The moments she captured of Jeremiah and I were so perfect that I had a hard time choosing my favorites.

I hope you enjoy my top picks of my hubs and I from the shoot. 🙂

Cathedral Park




Twenty Third Street



Location Unknown – “Street with a View”

| Lauren

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Exploring Portland in 48 Hours

If you don’t know by now, Jeremiah and I adore road trips! Our first family tradition that just kind of happened by accident is going on a yearly epic road trip. I like seeing the sights and Jeremiah likes coffee crawling, so we just pick a location and mix the two and B O O M road trip! This year, the first stop on our epic road trip was: Portland, Oregon.

Portland is such a weird city with so much to do and see that fitting it all in can be a daunting task. I’ll admit that Jeremiah and I opted out of some of the more touristy attraction, but I think we experienced some of the best Portland has to offer! So keep reading to find out how we spent our 48 hours.

Day 1: Pizza, Books, Bridges, and Coffee

After arriving in Portland at about noon, we planned to have the rest of the day to settle into our AirBnB and explore downtown.

Because we have our priorities in order, the first thing we did is hit up Sizzle Pie for a couple slices of ah-mazing pizza and to bask in the wonderfulness of the pizza pyramid mural.
Quick Tip: If you are hitting up Sizzle Pie in search of the pyramid, make sure you go the correct location: 926 Burnside.

Just across the street from the pizza joint is Powell’s City of Books, the greatest bookstore I have ever experienced. It spans an entire block and is stacked with shelves upon shelves of new and used books and a coffee shop. I wish I could live in a loft above it, I could spend all my time there for sure!
Quick Tip: If you are into books, plan to spend a couple of hours browsing, taking it all in, and standing in line.

We settled into our quirky AirBnB and then set out to find the first two coffee shops in Jeremiah’s crawl, Brass Bar and Case Study Coffee.
Quick Tip: Parking in downtown Portland is quite difficult, so bring a good pair of walking shoes and be prepared to walk a few blocks.

Jeremiah and I had the opportunity to get our pictures taken professionally for our upcoming one year wedding anniversary, so we met our photographer and friend Maggie [of MaggShots Photography – go check her out, she’s I N C R E D I B L E] at the St. John’s Bridge for our session.

After the session, we grabbed dinner with Maggie and Daniel at The Fireside. I ordered – and recommend – the fresh lemonade and  the macaroni and cheese.

Day 2: Murals, Waterfalls, Coffee, and Sunsets

To start off our second day in Portland, we stopped into the famous Stumptown Coffee Roasters and then indulged in some fresh croissants and pastries at Pearl Bakery.

After grabbing breakfast, we hit the streets for some mural hunting… and we found some good ones!

Hunting for murals consists of a lot more hard work than you might think, so afterward Jeremiah needed some caffeine, so we hit up two more shops on his crawl; Public Domain and Heart Coffee Roasters.

Now, with some caffeine and down-time under our belts, we set out to find some waterfalls. The first one we visited was Latourell Falls – about 30 minutes outside of Portland. It was in a very green landscape with a fun river, beautiful ridge, and relatively steep path, but if you dared, you could go play underneath the waterfall.

The second one we visited was Multnomah Falls – about 45 minutes outside of Portland. Honestly, this waterfall was so overrated. It isn’t a best-kept secret anymore and there were so many people there and the path was asphalt. Although it was free, it felt very commercialized. It was beautiful, but extremely crowded.
Quick Tip: If you choose to visit, be aware that you do not actually park at the falls. You park in a lot off of the highway and walk through a tunnel under the highway to get to the falls.

Seeing waterfalls was such an awe-inspiring experience. I can only imagine how magical it will be when we are able to just sit and enjoy the sight without anyone else around. We were pretty exhausted after the driving and walking, so we decided to relax at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. While on our way there we came across Mill Ends Park – the smallest park in the world.

Portland has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen with all of my favorite colors just fading together. We headed up to Rocky Butte Natural Area to relax and watch the sunset. It was an incredible view!

Day 3: Coffee

I say day 3, but really it was just a couple hours in the morning. After packing up, Jeremiah wanted to hit two more coffee shops before we set out for our next destination, so we stopped into Coava Coffee Roasters and then Good.

Basically, Portland is A W E S O M E and I absolutely adored visiting. I can’t wait to go back and visit some places we skipped over this time around – I’m looking at you VooDoo Doughnuts and Salt & Straw. I enjoyed the quaint feel even though it is a big city and I liked how accepting they were. The people were friendly, the surrounding area was pretty, and the houses are just plain perfect! Portland, keep doing what you are doing!

What is your favorite thing to do or see in Portland?

| Lauren