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Bump Update: 32 Weeks

I’m so close, yet it feels so far! At 32 weeks, I am in the third trimester and just beginning my eighth month of pregnancy. Only eight weeks to go and it can’t come fast enough.

Jameson is as big as a cantaloupe – a very long and heavy cantaloupe. 😀 He is measuring roughly 17 inches long and weighing 5 pounds. I swear he is huge! I feel him constantly – always poking his butt or feet against something.

The symptoms have been coming in hot the past few weeks. I am pretty much always uncomfortable. Hip and pelvic pain when I sit or lay down, so standing is the most pleasant, except for when my feet start to hurt. It makes sleeping extremely difficult. Still some heartburn and a little bit of swelling in the feet. Finally starting to want him out.

We had a wonderful shower and have basically everything we need for baby boy. His room is complete and I cannot wait to share it with y’all. I’ve gotten my TDAP shot and now it’s just a waiting game!

Bump Updates, Jameson, Pregnancy

Bump Update: 28 Weeks

Hello third trimester! At 28 weeks pregnant, I am in my seventh month and just entering the third trimester. It’s officially the beginning of the end with only twelve weeks to go!

Jameson is about as big as a head of lettuce. Measuring approximately 15 inches long and weighing 2.25 pounds. I know he’s growing like crazy, but I feel like my belly doubled in size the past week and he is basically taking up all the space in there.

Normally I have pretty positive things to report as far as symptoms go, but this time not so much. As excited as I am to be nearing the finish line and meeting our new little babe, I have not felt so good the past couple of weeks. Lots of sciatica pain in my lower back and butt – like tears and limping kind of pain. I think Jameson is moving lower, because the peeing has taken on a life of its own; sometimes I feel like I live in the bathroom. I’ve also finally had a craving – all the tortilla chips – I even bought some and hid them from my husband. 😀 On top of all that just major exhaustion and sleepless nights.

On a more happy note, his room is almost completely done! The walls are painted. All the furniture has been bought and built. He has a closet full of clothes, shelves full of books, and a crib full of stuffed animals. All I’m working on now is wall decor and gathering a few more essential items. I cannot wait to share with you the final product!

So happy to say that my glucose test results came back and I do not have gestational diabetes. Yay! We will be getting our TDAP shot this week. Then just on to waiting to meet our little boy.

Bump Updates, Jameson, Pregnancy

Bump Update: 24 Weeks

I am 24 weeks with our little man. Tracking pregnancies can be confusing, so I actually misspoke on my last update saying I had one month left of the second trimester… that was not true, but it is now as I am currently in my sixth month of pregnancy.

Per usual, the apps can’t agree on what size he is, but somewhere between a cantaloupe and a papaya. Roughly 12 inches long and 1.5 pounds. Growing like a weed!

Although I still feel pretty good, this past week I started experiencing really sore nipples for the first time and it’s not fun. Other than that, the usual lower back discomfort, exhaustion, insomnia, pregnancy brain, and constant peeing.

I’m still working tirelessly on getting his room ready and all his essentials stocked up. It’s such a fun project and I am having a blast. I only have a few things left to do for his room and I think it is coming together beautifully and will for sure be completed months before his arrival.

We start the third trimester in a month. At our next appointment, I’ll take my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes and start going to the midwife twice a month. But for now, we are just waiting patiently for his arrival.

Bump Updates, Jameson, Pregnancy

Bump Update: 20 Weeks

Woah, we’re half way there
Woah, livin’ on a prayer
-Bon Jovi

Cheesy to quote Bon Jovi in regards to pregnancy? Probably. Do I care? Not one bit. At 20 weeks, we are HALFWAY to meeting our little guy. We have one more month left of the second trimester | five months along.

About this time in the pregnancy, all the apps start to really differ on sizing. So he’s somewhere between a large sweet potato and a really fat banana. 😀 Weighing in around 11 ounces and stretching out to 6.5 inches.

Last week we had our anatomy scan where they confirm the baby’s gender, check all the baby’s organs and spine to make sure they are all there and growing correctly, and point out your baby’s body parts to you. You get to hear and see the heartbeat. Jameson looked wonderful, no issues. And we got updated pictures that I put up around the house.

I am very grateful to have had a low-key pregnancy so far. Just some minor back aches and paints, exhaustion, frequent hunger, trouble sleeping, constant peeing, and a bit of pregnancy brain. Pregnancy Brain is a new offender as of the last couple of weeks. Nothing too bad, mainly just losing my train of thought, but it causes me to talk to myself a lot which is always fun.

Right now, I am just busy putting together Jameson’s nursery and gathering some cute clothes. I honestly I had no idea I would be so excited to shop for boy clothes, but I’ve found some great stuff! Currently on a spending freeze until next month, because baby stuff is just so so so adorable.

Bump Updates, Jameson, Pregnancy

Bump Update: 16 Weeks

For this pregnancy, I am going to do my bump updates a little differently. Last time around, I had an outline of questions to track my progress, but I felt it got a little redundant. So this time I’m going to try to make it a little more relaxed and just share what I want when I want.

At 16 weeks pregnant, I am finishing up my first month of my second trimester, aka four months along. That’s a mouthful, but I like to try and keep track of how close I am to the finish line.

Baby Grey is roughly the size of an avocado. Approximately 4-5 in and 3-4 oz. One great thing about the second trimester is that baby is actually starting to look like a baby. Baby is currently covered in hair with sensitivity to light and working ears.

The first trimester was pretty low-key. I didn’t experience any morning sickness or nausea, yay! The real kickers were using the restroom 24/7, backache, exhaustion, and severe hunger. The severe need to eat was a new one – I didn’t experience anything like it during my first pregnancy. There were a couple instances where I would be driving somewhere and literally start bawling and shaking, because I was so hungry. I would have to pull into a gas station and grab a drink and snack to hold me over… and it was instant relief. I did have to take progesterone again, so I had a few emotional scares, but once we figured out my dosage, everything leveled out.

Going into the second trimester, not too much has changed. I still have to go the restroom constantly, the backache and exhaustion comes and goes, I’m still hungry as heck, and let’s be honest, I’m always an emotional wreck. The transition from being a stomach sleeper to a side sleeper is happening and that is tough. The current tricky part is that I keep waking up on my back which is not good. I just keep reminding myself that I figured the sleep thing out last time, so I can do it again. I have also felt a few baby flutters which is always such a sweet surprise!

We do know the gender already and I am really excited to share it with y’all in a few weeks!