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Stucco & Psychedelics // Santa Fe, NM

The last stop on our honeymoon road trip was Santa Fe, New Mexico. We had less than 24 hours to spend here, so we had to pick and choose wisely what we wanted to see and do. One thing you can’t miss when driving through Santa Fe is the obnoxious amount of stucco… literally everything is stucco.

Our time in Santa Fe felt very quick and quite rushed, but we made the most of it. When we arrived, we immediately passed out from all the driving, so we had very little options when it came to dinner, so with that being said, we do not have any food recommendations for you. We were very happy with our accommodations as well as with the activities we chose to do!

Historic Adobe Studio

One of my favorite things when planning out one of our trips is to find a local gem or cute and quirky place for us to stay. I typically look to Airbnb to find something affordable. For our one night stay in Santa Fe, I found this quaint adobe studio in the historic district right off Canyon Road.

This studio was exactly what we needed: a place to crash after a long day of driving. It featured a king bed, fireplace, and bathroom. Beware of the sweetest cat that might make an appearance during your stay. We happened to wake up with her in our bed – and at the time we had no clue she belonged to the hosts.

Meow Wolf

It is practically impossible to describe how you feel or what you see when experiencing Meow Wolf, but I can without a doubt say that if you are ever in Santa Fe, do not forgo visiting Meow Wolf! Meow Wolf is an immersive art experience that quite literally transports you to another world. The Santa Fe location is based out of a renovated bowling alley and is like nothing I have ever seen or experienced.

The installment we experienced was called The House of Eternal Return and was created by more than 300 artists. With crazy effects, bright lights, colors galore, and secret passageways, The House of Eternal Return will keep you entertained for hours! The installment actually has a storyline with clues and a conclusion, but we did not have enough time to actually follow along. Instead, we just took it in one piece at a time.

Blue Mesa Alpacas

While in Santa Fe, Jeremiah and I had the opportunity to visit an alpaca farm. I love alpacas and think they are such sweet and interesting animals, so I was ecstatic when I discovered Blue Mesa Alpacas. We had no idea what to expect when we pulled onto the dirt road and parked outside the farm. The owner of the farm greeted us and gave us a short, private tour. They had so many alpacas of all different colors, shapes, and sizes and while we fed the alpacas, the owner shared about their business, the industry, and facts about the animals. I was a little disappointed we couldn’t go inside the fence, but getting to feed the alpacas was just as cool!

Santa Fe was interesting to say the least. It is a town made completely of stucco that shuts down early, but has a vibrant art scene. I don’t see us returning to Santa Fe anytime soon, but I am definitely happy to have visited the alpaca farm and experienced Meow Wolf. Definitely a stop we will not soon forget!

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Keeping It Quirky in Albuquerque, NM

For our honeymoon, Jeremiah and I embarked on a week long road trip to Colorado. The first stop on our trip was Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We didn’t plan on spending too much time in Albuquerque nor did we have any stops planned out, so all our stops just fell into place by driving around and talking to locals.

Casita Canoncito

For this trip, we opted to use Airbnb for our New Mexico stays. It was our first time and it turned out to be wonderful! We stayed in a little apartment in the Sandia Mountains that had a wall of windows and the sweetest dog that slept outside our door all night.


On our way down the mountain to grab dinner, we caught this incredible sunset. I thought New Mexico was a desert wasteland, but it proved me wrong at every turn. This is the most beautiful sunset I have seen to date and watching sunsets with Jeremiah has become one of my favorite things!

El Pinto

For dinner, our Airbnb host recommended El Pinto. We didn’t have any other options, so we headed down the mountain to grab a bite of food. It felt wonderful outside, we opted to sit on the patio. It was such a lovely atmosphere with fairy lights and fountains. I ordered chili con carne cheese enchiladas while forgetting that I was no longer in Texas. I received very authentic and S P I C Y enchiladas that I could barely get down. I had Jeremiah try it and he started choking by just cleaning off my fork. We were also greeted by the sweetest cat that apparently was a restaurant regular.

Sandia Mountains

Since we didn’t realize our Airbnb was in the mountains, we didn’t plan on going on a hike, but the views outside our apartment amazing. I wouldn’t mind waking up those mountains every day. Next time we are in Albuquerque, we will definitely be taking a hike through the Sandia Mountains.

Java Joe’s

Although Jeremiah and I have never watched Breaking Bad, we decided to check out Java Joe’s anyway. As you know, Jeremiah is a coffee fiend, so we hit up at least one shop everywhere we stop. He was pretty impressed with Java Joe’s joe and I enjoyed a fantastic omelette.

Our time in Albuquerque came and went very quickly, but we enjoyed it so much. It was a perfect stop on our way to Colorado and now we can’t wait to find an excuse to return.

Have you ever been to Albuquerque? What is your favorite thing to do there?

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Setting the Sky on Fire // Albuquerque, NM

In August 2017, Jeremiah and I went on a week long road trip to Colorado for our honeymoon. The morning after we were married, we loaded up our Ford Escape rental and took off toward the desert. Our first stop was Albuquerque, New Mexico. Neither of us had ever been to Albuquerque before and were under the impression that it was some sort of big, nondescript, wasteland. I can’t express how W R O N G we were and how unprepared I was for the amazing views in store for us.

A post dedicated to our time in Albuquerque will be up later, but this post is just to revel in the magnificent sunset that we can across on our way to get dinner that night. See for yourself:Our Airbnb was actually in the mountains (a detail I didn’t realize when booking) and we had the opportunity to experience this sunset on our way down the mountain for dinner. We sat in awe for what felt like hours gazing at the sky just repeating to ourselves that it looked as though the sky had been lit on fire.

The sunset was truly the most beautiful I had seen. Experiencing this beauty together was exactly what we had hoped to gain from our road trip, so you can say that our first day was quite a success!

Where was the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen?