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Fable & Namesake Book Review

Like a weary bird flying out over the most desolate sea, I finally had a place to land. – Fable

Wow! I haven’t written a book review in a long time, maybe a couple years, but this duology really grabbed my attention that made me want to fly through the pages in a way I haven’t experienced in a long time. It was refreshing!

Plot Summary

I’m not great at describing book plots, so enjoy the one provided from Goodreads:
Welcome to a world made dangerous by the sea and by those who wish to profit from it. Where a young girl must find her place and her family while trying to survive in a world built for men. Fable takes you on a spectacular journey filled with romance, intrigue, and adventure.

What I Thought

I am shocked at how much I enjoyed both of these books. Fable drew me in and I turned the pages quickly and wanted to know more and more about her world. I was so enthralled with it that the night I finished it, I ordered the second book. I finished Namesake in 24 hours and was sad that it was over. I want – maybe even need – more of her story and her world.

Truthfully, I grabbed Fable off the shelf at Target, because the cover was just so darn pretty. I never in a million years thought I was going to be drawn in and obsessed with a story about pirates (although the word pirate is never used). It is a gritty, cut-throat world that I would never want to live in, but I loved escaping to it. It sucked me in and I could picture it all perfectly in my mind. I loved the juxtaposition of how dirty the ground was, but all the underwater scenes were so beautiful.

This series had it all – adventure, family, romance, grit – I couldn’t get enough. I am pretty much always up for a love story and I really like a love story that is entangled in a bigger story especially one with some stakes. I liked that the romance builds as the story moves forward. I liked West and Fable together and was rooting for them from the start.

The characters are so great. I liked the crew so so much. I wanted to know so much more about all of them. Even though they were all dark and mysterious, I couldn’t hate or dislike any of them. I thought Fable was a fantastic female lead. She was tough and strong, but also vulnerable. I know West gets a lot of hate for being reckless, dark, and kind of controlling, but I liked him from the very beginning; I felt like he was more steady and reliable with a reckless side when it came to the ones he loved. I liked the backstories provided and the character redemptions. I even liked the bad guys.

If you can’t tell already there wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this series. It had just enough of everything I needed. It was so so enjoyable and took me on a thrilling ride!

My Rating: 5 Stars

I give this duology 5 stars. Both of them. Fable was definitely more fast paced and Namesake provided a bit more background. But if you like adventure or if you like adventure with a bit of romance, then I highly recommend you give this series a read and then come tell me about it. 🙂

Has anyone else read these books and loved it as much as me?

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