May Recap

May, for me, was one of those months that felt like it flew by and went really slow all at the same time. It was our first full month with Hazel and it was honestly a lot of fun. Jeremiah’s parents drove in from Michigan and stayed with us for a week which was such a blessing. We took a couple mini trips, watched quite a few movies, and focused on settling into our new role as parents and into our new house. Oh ya, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I have so much to share, but haven’t quite found the time to write everything out, so stay tuned.


Rebuild My Faith

I feel like this goal will never be fully achieved, because we are always constantly building and rebuilding our faith. From January till April, I felt really connected to God and I felt like my relationship was better than ever, but then after giving birth, I kind of lost touch. Not because of anything negative, but just from being overwhelmed, exhausted, and busy. So, now I am working on taking the time to make sure I am keeping God at the forefront of everything I do, instead of being an afterthought.

Birth Our Baby Naturally

Save More, Budget Better

Wellllll this happened sort of – we were able to save this month, because of all the generosity we experienced this month from friends bringing us meals to family helping us fix up our home. We have let our budgeting go a bit, because of time, but also because our bills our in the process of changing from apartment to house and we are working on sorting that out.


I am still in recovery and not technically cleared to exercise, but I have been taking short walks with Hazel and Winnie.

Meal Plan & Cook At Home More

This happened halfway kind for the same reason as saving – a huge thanks to those who brought us food and stocked our kitchen!

Monthly Family Meetings

This is still a huge work in progress.

Read More

Watching tv was really what I spent my time doing this month and reading fell to the wayside, but I did start and read a few pages of Pleasing People and am excited to dive into it more this month.

Buy A House

Love My Husband Better

This is still a huge work in progress as I learn to have a servant’s heart and put my own wants and needs aside.

Write Often

My writing definitely took a backseat last month as a watched tv and took care of Hazel, but I am hoping to catch back up this month.

Monthly Planned Date Night

This is still a huge work in progress.

Books Read
  • Pleasing People: How Not To Be An Approval Junkie
Shows Watched
  • For The People
  • Proven Innocent
  • The Village
  • Station 19
  • New Amsterdam
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • The Bold Type
  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • The Bachelorette
Movies Watched
  • Speed
  • My Cousin Vinny
  • Ever After
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
  • Bolt
  • National Treasure
Places Traveled
  • Waco, TX – post to come
  • Denton, TX – post to come

May did a good job at teaching me that it is okay to accept help from others and that it’s okay to let some things go in order to focus more on other things. Learning these two things helped me tremendously in my motherhood journey in how I can better take care of and love on my daughter.

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