5 Tips For a Babymoon Perfect For You

I first became aware of babymoons when I found out I was pregnant and started following some influencer moms on Instagram. I thought it was such a neat idea to go on a trip – or one last hurrah – before the baby is born. Almost like a bachelor(ette) party and honeymoon all rolled into one. But the more I saw being posted and shared about these trips, the more I noticed how extravagant and expensive they appeared to be and I became a little discouraged. I knew that we would not be able to jet to another country for a week just to enjoy each other’s company before our daughter arrived, so I started thinking more about the meaning of the idea. Google put it like this:

babymoon: noun a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

Once I started to really focus on the purpose of the trip, the more I was able to let go of what I thought a babymoon should look like and instead create one that suited us and our situation. I recommend focusing on the following five tips in order to create a babymoon perfect for you and your situation.

1. Pick a Location

This can be anywhere… literally your backyard or some Caribbean island. Choose a place where you can really relax and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t have to be a destination, but more just somewhere you can take a break from the real world and just be with your husband before your new addition arrives.

2. Be Smart About Timing

Babymoons typically take place during the second trimester – especially if you want to travel – or early third trimester. You want to be able to relax and have a good time with your husband and the further along your get, the more uncomfortable you become. Choose your timing according to how you feel and what you plan to be doing while you are gone.

3. Acknowledge Your Budget

Having a baby can be a tough time on your bank account from padding your savings, splurging on cute baby clothes, paying medical bills, and stocking up on essential baby items, not everyone has the extra money lying around to go take an extravagant trip – and that’s okay! Just discuss how much you have (or want) to spend and work from there.

4. Remember the Reason

A babymoon isn’t just an excuse to go on a big trip; a babymoon is intended to give the soon-to-be parents some focused, relaxed, one-on-one time before the baby arrives.

5. Choose What’s Best For You

Babymoons are all the rage right now with expectant parents and it can be kind of intimidating to plan a trip for you and the hubs with your current situation when other expectant couples are jetting off to Paris. Remember that not every couple is the same and not everyone’s situation is the same. Majority of people are saving up all their available PTO and every last dollar they have for when the baby comes, so don’t feel obligated to make your babymoon some big to-do. It can be something as simple as an evening camping in your backyard with no technology or a weekend getaway a few hours away. A babymoon doesn’t have to break the bank either. Just do what is right for you and your family situation… and it will be perfect!

Essentially, a babymoon is for you and your husband to have some unapologetic, relaxing, one-on-one time together. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, how long you are gone, or how much money you spend. Create a special memory for you two to hold on to during those first few weeks of sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and endless crying… that’s what really matters!

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